Maintaining your results

The maintenance mode is very similar to recovery week. But you will have the option to play around with the workouts and meal plans a bit more.

Now that you have learned how to eat clean and be healthy and have sculpt the body you wanted you can in fact work out less and eat a little more.

But experiment with things and the no one rule is DO NOT STOP working out and eating healthy all together as that is the main reason why people get back out of shape.


You will only be doing 4 workouts each week. 2 Cardio+ Abs and 2 Weight Training.

On Day 1 and 4 you will do  Cardio + Abs Workout from ANY WEEK

On day 2 and 5 you will be doing HIWT from ANY WEEK

On all the other days you can just be active or do 25 to 30 min of slow cardio or you can start doing things like Pilates or Yoga to keep things interesting.


Your meals will be the same for all 7 days.