Avoid These 6 Worst Workout Mistakes If You Want to Accelerate Your Fat Loss.

Doing Boring Slow Cardio Workouts

cardioNot only will slow cardio destroy your fat burning hormones but over the last few years scientists have revealed that slow cardio like when you do marathons can actually be dangerous for you by causing high levels of inflammation that may trigger cardiac events and damage your heart.

Now listen, cardio is a must if you want to burn fat and develop a healthy heart but there is a right way and a completely wrong way. Long slow cardio workouts are the WRONG way and it will never get you the results you are looking for. The good news is that you can get all the benefits that cardio brings by doing very specific SHORT cardio workouts.

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Doing Sit-ups, Crunches or Any Traditional ab Building Exercises


Now make no mistake, although many people will tell you to completely avoid traditional exercise if you want to get 6 pack abs fast, which is completely DUMB, doing ab exercises is in fact a very important part in getting ripped quickly. The problem is that people make ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups etc their main focus and that is where the problem comes in.

See, your abdominal muscles are in fact very small muscles and when you train them you won’t actually burn enough calories to see any real results. And as the fat layer that is covering your abs is the real problem that we need to address so that your abs can start to appear you must focus most of your attention on powerful fat burning workouts.

But don’t get rid of the core and ab exercises all together either. When your train and strengthen your core you will be able to push harder in almost every other exercise which means more results and 6 pack abs faster. The secret here is to combine very specific core exercises, with traditional ab exercises and ultimately full body fat burning workouts like we do in the 6weeksixpack.

Doing the Same NON PROGRESSIVE Workouts Over and Over


The fastest way to kill your progress is to do the same workouts over and over. But, change it too often and your results will not be as fast as it could possibly be either. See the thing is that your body adapts pretty quickly to new workouts and this is a good thing because it is during this adaptation phase that your body actually get stronger, grows new muscle, burns fat and eventually becomes that amazing physique that you have always wanted.

So you need to make sure that you continue to change your workouts often enough so that your body needs to continue adapting and you never get bored, but not so often that you are always learning a new workout and so can’t just focus on pushing as hard as you can.

After 5 years of testing I have not just found the perfect sweet spot which allows your body to always progress at the fastest possible rate, but also created specific techniques like the -Intensity Throttle- which will make sure every single workout pushes you to YOUR limit and helps burn the most amount of fat to get the best possible results, day in, day out!

Doing Only Isolated Exercise


Isolated exercises have been getting a bad rep as a far as being effective for fat loss and the fact is that although not 100% true it really is not the best way to go about it. See, like with the crunches problem we spoke about above, doing isolated exercises like biceps curls is not reallygoing to explode your heart rate or metabolism enough to burn a serious amount of calories or fat.

However, isolated exercises are very good at helping you build muscle and stimulating a specific area if you would like to add some more shape to your frame.

So the solution is to use a specific workout structure where you combine fat burning exercises with isolated exercises to reap the benefits or both because make no mistake, building some muscle or at very least hanging on to the muscle you have right now is one of the best way to burn fat 24/7 as muscle is one of your most, if not the most organs in your body.

Doing LONG Workouts


Longer workouts do NOT necessarily equal better or faster results. Unfortunately it is quite common for fitness newbies to fall prey to this notion and in fact end up overtraining, a condition in which your body hits a plateau and could even end up in a Catabolic state (Especially if you are on a calorie deficit diet) and without going into too much detail here, for anyone who is trying to burn fat and increase lean muscle mass, this state is one which should be avoided at all costs!

The great news is that with so much new research and science that has been done in the area of exercise and fat loss over the last few years, shorter, more intense, full body type workouts like the ones found in the 6WeekSixPack has been proven to be the best way to lose fat fast and even better, HAVE MORE FUN.

Not Warming Up Properly


Yea I know, this is one of those boring topics you don’t really care about or want to know about but what if I tell you that if you warm-up correctly you could burn up to 25% more calories with every workout. That means getting results 25% faster and cutting the time before you see your abs even further.

But warming up is not just great for getting you ready to perform your workout at the optimum level, but if you do it correctly it can increase your mobility, decrease the risk of injury and help you recover faster.

The biggest problem is that most people use out of date warm-up techniques and most of the time this extends to just doing some form of cardio before their workouts. What we have found is that if you combine intensity increasing cardio with PNF, Active Isolated and Dynamic stretches ( Like we do with our Power Warm-Up ) you take things to a whole new level as your get your full body ready, from your Cardiovascular system to Muscles and also ligaments in just 5 to 10 minutes.


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