Mom Of 3 Becomes Our Very First Female 6WeekSixPack Challenge Winner!

Does the 6WeekSixPack challenge work for women? YOU BET. And there is no better person to proof this point then Debra. This mom of 3 did not just do one insane body transformation but she also went on to become our very first female Best Body Transformation Winner!

My name is Debra Coutts. I am 31 years old and a mother to 3 (14, 9 and 7). In January I had decided to take the 6 pack challenge from as I had done the previous year in 2012 and seen mad results. I knew that I could get a little further if I tried harder in my diet. 

The 1st time around I did not listen to Peter about having a re-feed day ( cheat day )  and because of it I sabotaged myself at the end of the challenge when I finally had a taste of sweets. 

The thing that is different about this program is that you have constant support and no question is ever stupid. Peter always responded in a timely matter to all my questions and even after the challenge was over, he took the time to email me and kept encouraging me to continue. 

When I started the challenge I averaged in between 120-125 lbs and now 112-118lbs, I feel much more confident and have way more energy as I am fueling my body properly now and it feels amazing. 

One of my biggest tips is “eat to live, not live to eat” as I was the girl with portion control problem and although people would say I was not fat … they were right I was not fat but I did have fat and I knew I wanted to be rid of it. 

I found that weekly photos were huge and even if I didn’t feel different, the pictures were very powerful and I saw the difference every single week. I am by far in the best shape of my life ever and I do not want to go back. 

Some days I would be so exhausted and that brings me to tip #2 “do not quit when you are tired, quit when you are done” and keep reminders around of what you want to look like and achieve and even an old pic of where you don’t want to be!!!!

I am hooked on this program and plan to stick with it forever

Thanks so much Peter (You are awesome)

Deb Coutts

Ian Lost Over 70lbs in 8 Months And Did One The Best Body Transformations I Have Ever Seen!

Will the 6WeekSixPack work if you have a lot of weight to lose? It's another question I get a lot and the answer is YES, but obviously you won't lose 100lbs in 6 weeks so you might have to do it a few times over.

Someone who did just that and how is a great example of what you can achieve is Ian.

When Ian first sent me his before and after photos I was BLOWN AWAY to say the least. Without a doubt one of the best body transformations I have ever seen.

What Ian did though was continue to re-do the challenge over and over for 8 months. The results was that he lost over 70lbs and got ripped for the first time of his life in his 40's!!!

The Whole Family Got Ripped!

I love this story. Barry and is wife Sharon decided that they wanted to get back in shape. So Barry came across the 6WeekSixPack Challenge and decided to give it a try and his wife decided to try a female weight loss program . 

After 6 weeks Barry was ripped but Sharon, even though she got fitter, was not happy with how she looked and after seeing Barry's results asked him to ask me if women can also do the challenge. I said YES and well the rest is history as she then also did one amazing transformation!

But the story doesn't end there. When Barry;s son came to visit them over the holidays and saw the transformation his dad and Sharon made he decided to also do the challenge and get back in shape!

"I found the workouts and food plan really well structured and straight forward to follow a tip on the food is use the full variety of foods provided on the plan so you don't get bored.  

I did struggle from time to time at the beginning until I started to get some serious results which inspired me to do better and it became easier. 

This is definitely a lifestyle change for the better I feel younger stronger and fitter than I did 20 years ago. My advice to anybody wanting to take the challenge is age and gender are irrelevant but focus and determination on the end result is king. "


" For me the hardest part was starting. The first few weeks I really had to force myself to do each workout and to stick to the eating plan. But after those first few weeks, once I started to see the results, I absolutely loved it and these days, the hardest thing is NOT going to go and work out. 

So if I had to give anyone advice it would be that, even if it is really hard and you are struggling, just get through those first few weeks, no matter how you do it because one you get through that, you are going to love the results and how you feel and hopefully like myself, you will make it a lifestyle and not just a 6 week thing."

- Sharon

At 44 He Got Ripped & Build Muscle

If you still wonder if you could get ripped and build muscle at 40 then Ed's story is for you. At first he was extremely sceptical that the challenge would work at all but then as you can see from the photos below, he put in the work and build muscle and got ripped in 6 weeks! You are never too old to get into amazing shape!

At my age I did not think it would be possible to build muscle or get abs. I was also very sceptical of any exercise program that claims these kinds of results in 6 weeks. But this was more than an exercise program.  Combined with the diet plan, this was a powerful road to change.

I did the challenge, as I have been in bad shape for years and my wife challenged me to get 6 pack abs, so I rose to the challenge!  

I followed the 6WeekSixPack Challenge almost to the letter, partly to prove it would not work, but also because I really hoped it would, and it did!  

My only deviation was missing 3 days training in 6 weeks due to unavoidable circumstances and having a couple of alcoholic drinks on a Saturday, but it still worked!

I follow the eating plan and drank lots of water. I can’t recommend the ultimate breakfast enough, I eat it every day, delicious!

The challenge has changed the way I feel as well as the way I look

I feel more happy and confident and I have not looked as good since I was a teenager! 

My wife loves it and my kids are proud. As a result, my kids now insist on eating healthily and only want whole grain sandwiches with lean meat and salad, with fruit in their school lunchbox!  

This has changed the way I think about food and exercise for me and my family. When I train now to keep what I have, my wife and kids join in as they also want to be fit!

Sticking to the workouts and diet is hard, but it’s only 6 weeks of your life, so stick to it, the rewards are great! If I can do it, you can do it!