Welcome to Prep Day 1 of the Shred 10 Challenge.

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GOAL – What Do You Want To Achieve

Setting a goal gives you direction and also primes your mind to look for opportunities to help you achieve that goal.

Set a goal that is :

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable

Bad Example : I want to lose weight

Good Example : I want to lose 10 pounds of fat while hanging on to my muscle and increasing my cardiovascular fitness.



WHY – Why Do You Want To Achieve It

If the reason why you want to achieve something is not that strong or important to you, you will fail or stop the very first time you come across any obstacle. But if you have a strong WHY, it will provide you with all the fuel and energy you need to achieve your goal.

To find out the real reason why you want to do something simply ask yourself WHY at least 5 times starting with the most basic reason why you want to achieve the goal.

So for example:

I want to lose weight – WHY?

Because I want to feel fitter – WHY?

Because I don’t want to feel out of breath playing with my children – WHY?

Because I want to enjoy every moment I have with my children – WHY?

Because my dad passed away at 40 when I was only 8 years old and I don’t want them to grow up without a dad - BOOM



HOW – How Will You Achieve It

Once you know what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve you need a plan on HOW you are going to achieve it.

This is also where being specific with your goal will play a big role in finding a solution to help you achieve your goals.

For example if your goal was vague like I want to lose weight then the product you might end up with will help you to lose weight as in WATER, MUSCLE etc.

But if your goal was specific as in you want to lose FAT, hang on to your muscle and increase your fitness level now you can take that to any good personal trainer and they will know what type of program to give you to achieve your goals.

Here is the simple 3 step plan to help you achieve any goal in the shortest possible time.

  • Decide what you want to achieve ( See step one )
  • Find someone who has already achieve what you want to achieve and get them to coach you, buy their products, systems, courses etc
  • Follow the information consistently.

NOTE: Reinventing the wheel is the SLOWEST road to success.



ACTION  –  Take Massive Action And Achieve Your Goal

Everything you want is on the other side of taking action. Without taking action you can’t even get lucky. For example you can’t even win the Lottery unless you take action and buy a ticket.

But it’s not just about taking action but taking MASSIVE ACTION. Your level of success is almost directly related to the level of action you take because it’s the start of the Success Cycle.

3 Step Success Cycle

  • Take Action
  • Get Results
  • Increase Belief
  • Take Bigger Action
  • Get More Results
  • Increase Belief even more
  • Etc

So make sure that you are 100% in and take massive action from day one!



TRACK – Track, Fix & Repeat

You can improve what you don’t measure. Tracking your progress is important for two main reasons. It can show you very quickly if what you are doing is working and if not you can make adjustments, fix it and try again. And secondly nothing motivates like successes and seeing how you improve.

So set a tracking process in place related to the Measurable part of your goal that you did in step one and then track your progress regularly.



REWARDS – Celebrate Your Achievements, Big And Small

Celebrate EVERYTHING, no matter how big or small. Not only that, but make sure your try and focus more on the things you did achieve instead of the things you didn’t.

Of course the tracking step we spoke about above is there to make sure you catch anything that stops you from achieving your goal but rewarding you and celebrating your achievements is one of the main ways that you will use to motivate yourself.

So make sure you celebrate all kinds of achievements and not just the achieving the main goal.

In fact celebrating small wins is one of the easiest ways to keep you motivated on a daily basis until you reach your main goal.

Write down a reward or celebration for each one of the following type of goals.

  • For taking daily action ( Like completing a workout ).
  • For weekly progress ( Like doing better on your fitness test )
  • For reaching your main goal.