Welcome to Day 5 of the 7Day Fat Loss Kick Start Program.

me2Well done on making it this far already!

Watch the video on the left and then find all your info and resources below.

Have a great day!

Peter Carvell


Success Tip For Today

Workout Info For Today

  • Do something ACTIVE during this 30 minutes for today. It can be anything, from taking the dog for a walk, going for a bike ride or even playing golf. Do it for the full 30 minutes.

Diet Info For Today

  • Cut out all Alcohol for today!
  • Drink a Juice and 5 to 6 glasses of water.
  • Follow the same diet as the last few days.

Motivational Info For Today

  • Set a weekly Reward for sticking to the program over the next 6 weeks.



  • Sanch

    Reply Reply January 8, 2015

    Hell yeah!

  • David

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    BOOYAH!! From the Bayou State of Louisiana……HELL YA! I’m still here…..gonna stay too. Someday ya’ll are going to see me on the website! Push Hard!

  • Andrea

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    Hey!! I am here from the republic of Trinidad and Tobago…..I will remain until the end….

    • Camille

      Reply Reply January 20, 2015

      Hey family..Jamaican in Barbados here, let’s get this carnival body :)

  • Paramesh

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    Hell Yeah !! I am still here and rocking it !!! :)

  • François

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    Hi from Toulouse in France,
    I’ve discovered some new abs pains :-) but like it, I continue

  • shouaieb

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    HELL YA i’m still here and i m gonna stay till the end !!!
    lets do it !!!

  • Joel

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    Hey!!! I am still here. No pain, no gain. Cheers.

  • Adrian

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    Hell yeah, still here but stomach abs are really hurting (still pain from day 2 workout) and couldn’t completely finish yesterday workout.
    I drink more water than required and rest a lot… any other tips to minimise pain?
    Thanks for great videos!

  • Napoleon

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    Could you create a vegan food program?

  • nightstar

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    I’m still here and gonna stay too

  • David

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    My first diet temptation will come today…. they’re catering lunch at work!

  • Orlando Anguiano

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    Hell ya!! I’m still in it!

  • Lian

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015


  • rob

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    got that right

  • Reuben Gonzalez

    Reply Reply January 9, 2015

    I’m still here!! I’m not going to give up I plan to see this through and continue to get ripped!!

  • Mohammad

    Reply Reply January 11, 2015

    HELL YA, I’m still here and I’m going to get ripped. Everyone in my house eats junk food and I’m seriously watching them and get disgusted from the junk food, because Peter’s motivations really helped me to the extreme. I even think junk food as eating bugs and go to the extreme.

  • Victor

    Reply Reply January 12, 2015

    I love the fact that, you don’t lie to us, we gotta make it happens, I realized that I’m loosing, almost one pound by day.I’m amazed.let’s do this

  • Kevan taylor

    Reply Reply January 13, 2015

    Day 5 I’m still here a little hurting as I’m a beginner, but I’m going all the way.

  • azh imran

    Reply Reply January 14, 2015

    Loving it!!!!, many thanks Peter

  • Thompson

    Reply Reply January 18, 2015

    Still here! Damn straight! Feeling brilliant and looking forward to looking awesome too

  • Shahlan

    Reply Reply January 19, 2015

    Is there ways to get rid of the crackling from joints? The workout is good but the crack sound from joints bothering me…..

    • Peter Carvell

      Reply Reply January 21, 2015

      Best is to go see orthopedic surgeon to see if there is a real problem. Noise by itself does not normally mean there is a problem but if it goes hand in hand with pain then you want to get it checked out for sure.

  • Everett

    Reply Reply January 19, 2015

    Yeah! I am still here from the Golden State of California

  • Rafael

    Reply Reply January 19, 2015

    Still here brother…

  • frenki

    Reply Reply January 19, 2015

    Still here!Ready for tomorrow!

  • frenki

    Reply Reply January 19, 2015

    Hey peter I am 14 years old and I am 160 cm.I want to ask you does having abs can t let me get taller?

  • Camille

    Reply Reply January 20, 2015

    Glad for the work out ease today (dy4) still in pain from yesterday(makes me a little proud of myself)

  • Sebastian Botero

    Reply Reply January 22, 2015

    Pain is just weakness leaving your body, no pain no gain!!! Ty Peter.

  • Kath

    Reply Reply January 22, 2015

    Still here, cheated a little yesterday – housemates left a bowl of chocolates out :( back on it straight after though! Keen to do the full 6 weeks so will save up for a while. When is the next one after 2 Feb?

  • Tom

    Reply Reply January 23, 2015

    Still with you bud… A little bit behind because of my busy schedule, but I’m still here!!!!

    • Peter Carvell

      Reply Reply January 23, 2015

      Good stuff!

  • sarath

    Reply Reply January 23, 2015

    hell yeah

  • William

    Reply Reply January 26, 2015

    No pain in my abs but my buttocks are suffering… Lol… The squads and lunges are working I think… Juice continues to amaze me , I feel more energetic than taking b complex. The chicken was great! by the way, is there any substitute for avocado ?

    Thanks again Coach!
    Here still working!

  • Frogg

    Reply Reply January 27, 2015

    Will never stop mate! ;) Thanks for everything…

  • Margaret

    Reply Reply January 28, 2015

    Still here!
    According to the scale, I’ve only lost 3.8 lbs, but according to the Body Mass Calculator, my Lean Body Mass has increased by 3.05 lbs, and I’ve already lost 6.87 lbs of fat!!

    • Peter Carvell

      Reply Reply January 28, 2015

      Well done Margaret, sounds like it is going in the right direction.

  • shima'a

    Reply Reply January 28, 2015

    HELL YA i’m still here and i m gonna stay till the end !!! I’m gonna have sixpack abs !!

  • Gian Carlo Garcia

    Reply Reply January 29, 2015

    Peter I’m 17 and my body weight is 220. Now my current weight is 205 can i use whey protein?

    • Peter Carvell

      Reply Reply January 29, 2015

      Why do you want to use Whey?

  • Fragkiskos

    Reply Reply January 29, 2015

    still here and till the end

  • Fabian

    Reply Reply January 29, 2015

    Hell yeah still goin

  • Mostafa

    Reply Reply January 31, 2015

    I’m excited to complete

  • brooo

    Reply Reply February 1, 2015

    hell ya

  • raf

    Reply Reply February 2, 2015

    Hell Yh!!!! Still here. Gonna ride with you till the end. Lets get it!!

  • Mardochee

    Reply Reply February 3, 2015

    hell yah im still here till the end baby!! challenging but nice

  • liam

    Reply Reply February 4, 2015

    hell ya i a in :D

  • saleh

    Reply Reply February 4, 2015


  • DeCarla

    Reply Reply February 4, 2015

    Hell yeah, I’m still here.

  • Lakos Polan

    Reply Reply February 5, 2015

    Thank you peter. Workouts gave me a lot of motivation, not only for more exercises, but also for studying. I rly appreciate what you’re doing for us.

    Greetings from Poland!

  • Utvara

    Reply Reply February 5, 2015

    Still here bro! Greeting from Serbia!

  • Denver

    Reply Reply February 6, 2015

    HELL YA i’m from South Africa . I’m still here and i m gonna stay till the end !!!
    lets do it !!!

  • deghfel

    Reply Reply February 8, 2015

    thank you so much peter

  • BarbieT

    Reply Reply February 9, 2015

    Hell Yeah!! Idaho, USA still alive and working through this amazing plan!! Thank you so much! It hurts. I’m out of shape…but not for long :D I’m lovin’ it!!

  • Farhad

    Reply Reply February 12, 2015

    Before I watch today’s video, I should say it’s greate already, this program I’m following is amazing, thank u peter.
    I’m doing my best to get results, I was kind of addicted to salt and sugar but now, I can control it.

  • Apurv

    Reply Reply February 20, 2015

    Hell Yeah!! I really love this program. I have been continuing this for 5 weeks with some additions and variations of my own and I have lost 13.4 lbs until now. I am not going to stop until I reach my target weight!!! Thank you!!

  • Archer

    Reply Reply February 22, 2015

    Hell Yeah im still here and im rocking it! Booyah!

  • Tiffany

    Reply Reply February 22, 2015

    HELL YA!!!! Love this program. I’m just rock’n rolling :) It’s really easier to live without sugar and salt and all of those foods. i love my new diet. Thanks Peter :)

  • Cyrus

    Reply Reply February 23, 2015

    Still here, still going.

  • Lyle

    Reply Reply March 4, 2015

    Hell yeah! Bring it on!

  • lyndsey

    Reply Reply March 10, 2015

    Bring it on

  • jasper

    Reply Reply May 15, 2015

    Hell Yah! Still alive and kicking. #road2yumminess #juicyjaspy

  • Roman

    Reply Reply May 15, 2015

    I’m still here :)

  • leon

    Reply Reply May 15, 2015

    Yes sir lets do this,once started not planning to stop at all.

  • Hoang Nguyen

    Reply Reply May 15, 2015

    HELL YEAH!!!

  • DzoniThePr0

    Reply Reply May 21, 2015

    I am on my nutrition plan for about 4 weeks, I am wondering If u are going to send everyone how to maintain my form after it? :D

    • Peter Carvell

      Reply Reply May 21, 2015

      Yes that is build into the Xtreme Challenge diet.

  • Vic

    Reply Reply May 21, 2015

    I am still here with a few pains but great

  • Christian Wrath

    Reply Reply May 21, 2015

    Bye Alcohol I’ll be back Hell Yeah!

  • Shaka Stewart

    Reply Reply May 23, 2015

    ROCKER SHAKA from Richmond, Virginia USA -Yeah Baby! I have already lost 10 POUNDS!!!! It was extremely hard to stick with the plan, but I made did!! If I can, anybody can. Keep in going folks!!! DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!

  • Derek Macmillan

    Reply Reply May 23, 2015

    Still here and going strong! Feeling better in myself already. Feeling happier and more positive about everything. Loving this buzz!

  • Joe

    Reply Reply May 24, 2015

    Joe from Las Vegas here….I tell you , Peter… I was just about to cheat today! I stopped by the grocer after a very hard day of work and all the cravings hit. But I stopped, grabbed , my phone and went to my email. Your page and the many subscribers helped me to dig deep hold on tight! I’m losing pounds and inches fast!
    So am I still here? OOOOOHHHH YEAH!!!

    • Peter Carvell

      Reply Reply May 24, 2015

      Well done Joe!

  • Filipe

    Reply Reply May 24, 2015

    Hell yeah! I’m gonna look so damn good after this weeks!!
    Thanks for everything Peter

  • Mark Vernon

    Reply Reply May 27, 2015

    Still here and still rocking it…

  • Nilton Chacon

    Reply Reply May 27, 2015

    Hi Peter:

    How many days a week we should work out? How many days do you suggest us according your plan?

    Should I work out from Monday to Friday and take a rest Saturday and Sunday?

    It is healthy?

    Regards, Nilton.

  • Nilton Chacon

    Reply Reply May 27, 2015

    Hi Peter:

    I can’t get the “goji berries” here (I live in Chile). How could I replace this berry?

    Regards, Nilton.

    • Peter Carvell

      Reply Reply May 27, 2015

      For which meal? You could simply leave it out though.

      • Nilton Chacon

        Reply Reply May 28, 2015


        • Peter Carvell

          Reply Reply May 28, 2015

          Just skip it. I normally add some blue berries.

  • Justin

    Reply Reply June 3, 2015

    Hell yeah im staying here.

  • Sanket

    Reply Reply June 8, 2015

    Still here!:)

  • Nick VanDeWalker

    Reply Reply June 19, 2015

    HELL YEAH!! Still going strong!!

  • Phil

    Reply Reply June 30, 2015

    Peter,I assure you and myself I’m committed to this and will not settle for less…


  • Deyon

    Reply Reply September 29, 2015

    Hell yeah from Sri Lanka! Never felt more physically fitter in my life! Definetly feeling a huge difference in strength as well as stamina! Thank you for all the advice!!

  • Munir

    Reply Reply October 24, 2015

    Hell yea!! Yesterdays workout was great for me couch. Can I do yesterdays workout during the 30 mins today couch?

    • Peter

      Reply Reply October 24, 2015

      If you feel ok and don’t need the rest that is ok Munir. Enjoy!

  • Jack Lee

    Reply Reply November 1, 2015

    To be honest u thought this will another get fit quick scheme but I am glad I was wrong. So far I like it and see Mr. Peter straight forward and not pushing any magic diet. I have stick to the plan for last 5 day and feels pretty great. Good thing is the detox juice takes out my appetite to eat too much.

    Now the bigger question.
    1 – can still continue with my regular gym?
    2 – I am vegiterarian and meat is out of question. I am substituting tofu and soya for meat. Will it work?

    I overall planning to continue into 6 week challenge.

    • Peter

      Reply Reply November 1, 2015

      Hi Jack,

      Glad you are liking the 7 Day Kick Start program so far. As far as your questions. Yes you can continue with your gym program depending on your goal and or if you are moving on with the 6weeksixpack challenge. And as far as the diet, it all depends what else you are eating and if you are getting all the nutrients in that you need to.

  • Henry

    Reply Reply November 21, 2015

    I can do all exercises easely. The only problem is the push-ups. I am a tall guy. My arms are not strong enough to push my body up. My weight is 98 kg.

    • Peter

      Reply Reply November 22, 2015

      Simply go onto your knees or do wall push-ups

  • George

    Reply Reply December 3, 2015

    Still here Peter, Struggled with my balance on the lunges and yes upper body strength is weak had to do pushups on my knees.

    The 4th set couldnt come fast enough but i did it and i am so happy, tomorrow im off to ride my bike.

    Thanks heaps Peter.


    • Peter

      Reply Reply December 3, 2015

      Great stuff George, remember it is simply about doing better today then you did yesterday and continue to progress, no matter by how much! Enjoy the ride!

  • karo

    Reply Reply December 9, 2015

    Yea I’m still Here

  • John

    Reply Reply January 13, 2016

    I am still here.

  • Jim

    Reply Reply January 13, 2016


    Instead of writing Hell Yeah, I want to say THANK YOU Peter!!!!

  • Adriana

    Reply Reply January 14, 2016

    Still here very excited!!!!
    2 pounds lighter!
    Thank you

  • ariya

    Reply Reply January 17, 2016

    im here

  • Maria

    Reply Reply January 18, 2016

    All good so far. But I also weight train 3 days a week – toggle between lower body and upper body with a day break in between the first 2 days and a 2 day break between the 2nd and 3rd (so M, W, Sa or Tue, Th, Su). I’ve been doing your exercises on my off day with one “relax” day in between where I just walk for 30 minutes thrown in. But how do I factor in my training going forwards? I walk 1 mile to gym, work out for 1 hour and walk the mile back. I’m 5’6″ and weigh 117lbs, and already gluten free, and have cut out sugar, alcohol mostly. Only new one was salt. So just here for the final bit to get a 6 pack.

    Also you keep talking about 6 week 6 pack training but the website keeps showing just a 21 day “Ignition” programme. That’s 3 weeks and focused on fat loss. Where’s the 6 week 6 pack programme? Thanks.

  • Lorivaldo

    Reply Reply January 18, 2016

    Heaven yeah!!!!!

    I’m still here. It’s ONLY been 5 days.

  • Yeshwanth

    Reply Reply January 19, 2016

    Its workouting I lost 2kg…
    Thanks peter carvell

  • Zephan

    Reply Reply February 4, 2016

    I’m here and hell yeah I’m staying, I’ve never felt this good in my life I’ve lost 4kgs up to today even though it gets hard I have resisted the last 4 days and I’m not stopping now!

    Thanks Peter!!

  • ionescu

    Reply Reply February 22, 2016

    hy peter…this program is available also for the woman?

    • Peter

      Reply Reply February 24, 2016


  • Brett

    Reply Reply February 25, 2016

    53, struggling but still here, lets go boys – bring it on!

  • Sean

    Reply Reply March 3, 2016

    Stay focused on the goal and DFQ people! Quitting IS NOT an option! Keep going one day at a time.
    Peter, thought I hated Spider-Man push-ups until I met the leg raises on Day 4. Looking forward to those spider mans now!

  • Al Melvin

    Reply Reply April 21, 2016

    Peter, just letting you know this is probably the best program with the best attitude I’ve seen yet. Looking forward to results.

    • Peter

      Reply Reply April 21, 2016

      Thanks Al!

  • Pedro

    Reply Reply June 24, 2016

    Hell yeah!! I’m still here and I’m staying till the end

  • Nestor

    Reply Reply June 27, 2016

    Hi Mr peter thanks man my family and friends are wondering what my body ,before I bought 2 lose weight programs ,but both failed .u make the differences from the rest ,to weeks back I gave up Ralph s weight programme . after I stated ur 7days challenge and with ur motivation and visualization fat is just melting , I am dreaming of starting sporting activities again god will bless u abundantly

  • Ranjit Jadhawar

    Reply Reply June 29, 2016

    Hell yeah , still here ….
    And thanks Peter , you have showed me the way towards weight loss ….
    I have been trying for 3 months now on various diets but seriously you showed me the exact way thanks alot again…
    Regards Ranjit.

  • Krishanu

    Reply Reply July 10, 2016

    Hell yeahh !!!
    I am still here nd am gonna continue to do what is planned for a particular day religiously
    First of all..Thanks Sir Peter !! :)
    I am really enjoying every bit of it
    Therefore am gonna stay till the end of this excellent programme
    Peter ur body transformation is really inspiring nd please continue to inspire generations as u have been doing since 5-6 years
    Live long buddy
    Thanks again. :)

  • Barkblint

    Reply Reply July 14, 2016

    Hell yeah! Still here! I’ll do my best!

  • Dantesparda

    Reply Reply July 20, 2016

    Hell yeah! i am with you

  • Santosh

    Reply Reply July 22, 2016

    Yes I am still here and I will be there till the end
    Where I can show my muscular body with no un neccecary fat

  • Salvador Romero Jr

    Reply Reply July 23, 2016

    I’ve never felt like this at any period in my life this week has been great and I’m really proud that I got back in to living a happy healthy life!!!

  • Batool

    Reply Reply July 30, 2016

    He’ll yeah , the juice I didn’t like it but I’m eating all the ingredients raw is that the same thing ??? Or should I drink them as a juice

  • Ashutosh Tiwari

    Reply Reply August 8, 2016

    Hey Peter I am Here alive and kicking. I am not gona leave you for next 7 weeks.:)

  • Darin

    Reply Reply August 13, 2016

    All the way to the end.

  • Junaid

    Reply Reply September 3, 2016

    Hell Y!!!!!!!!! :)

  • jackal

    Reply Reply September 4, 2016

    awesome..enjoying it.. am happy am able to do a lot more pushups now that i cud ever do.. i started with almost a max of 3. i am happy to say i could do twenty.. am sure i ll increase it as the days pass.. awesome.. motivated.. thanks a ton peter… :)

    hell yeah am still here, am one of that 40%…

  • Liz

    Reply Reply September 5, 2016

    Hi Pete and fellow 7 day challenge buddies. Had a rough day today. Normally I do my workout at night, but because we have someone visiting for a couple of days I did my workout in the morning. Had to go out to lunch BUT I STUCK TO THE DIET!!! eating roast beef and salad plus fruit. Had a movie night where there were chips and biscuits on offer BUT I STUCK TO THE DIET!!! (Nothing tastes as good as being healthier and fitter and losing the inches and seeing a new you in the mirror). Sticking till the end. Good luck guys.

    • Peter

      Reply Reply September 10, 2016

      Well done Liz! You are developing some insane will power every time you stick to your guns! Keep rocking!

  • arunod hemantha

    Reply Reply October 4, 2016

    hell yeah…im here never give up..i am soo like(240) fat but..your motivation are the best to keep me going on track.thanks peter.god bless you sir.

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