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As we count down to the release of the brand new 6WeekSixPack Challenge 4.0 I wanted to share some of the amazing success stories we have had over the last decade.

Now I wish I could share all of them but then we will be here for the next 6 months and so I decided just to pick a few that will hopefully show you what is possible and reveal some of the history of this product.

So for the first success story is, well our VERY FIRST best body transformation winner, Tyler, from WAY back in 2011 ( Which is why the photos are a bit blurry, I don't think HD was even thing back then :) )

The main reason I wasted to share this with you is so that you can see, we have been helping people get in shape at home for a VERY VERY LONG time.

What Tyler, and many of the other competitors achieved during that first challenge was nothing less than remarkable.

But how did he do it? How did he get 6 pack abs in just 6 weeks?

Sure we know he used our workouts and was on a good diet, but so was many of the people on the 6WeekSixPack challenge, so what made him different?

Well you are about to find out as we managed to sit down with Tyler to ask him for his tips and tricks on how you can also achieve amazing results with the 6WeekSixPack Challenge.


What made you take part in the 6WeekSixPack Challenge?

I saw the competition on the site and I instantly thought that this was the perfect way to get back into shape, especially for the summer! I’ve seen all the previous videos on the site and knew that if I dedicated my time and effort I could make it happen.

What was the hardest part of the challenge for you?

Hardest part I would have to say is the beginning because you’re just starting out and it feels like you might die because you’re not use to it. But once the first 2 weeks are over it just gets better because you immediately notice results which keep you motivated.

What was your eating like?

I drastically changed my eating habits. I cut out almost all junk/fast food but of course had the occasional cheat meal. I also ate a lot of protein and stayed away from the “bad carbs”. It was hard, but absolutely worth it!

How did you stay motivated throughout the 6 weeks?

Honestly, I was just getting sick of being lazy and gaining extra weight I didn’t need. I was never fat when I was younger so I really wasn’t use to it or liking it. Plus it’s summer, who doesn’t want to look good!

Which of the workouts were you favorite?

I really liked the combination of weight training and cardio of the HIWT workouts. It makes you work up a sweat and get a nice pump. My fav exercises were the push up variations because it gets your whole upper body. I also enjoyed the ab workouts, they are hard but rip your abs. The next day you’re definitely sore but they are for sure one of the best if you’re looking for nice definition!

What advice would give anyone else who want to achieve the same results  you did?

Never give up, don’t cheat you’re only cheating yourself, and work out hard every single time. You might think it sucks but suck it up for 30 mins because when you’re done, it’s the best feeling ever!

Anything Else?

I just want to say thanks a lot to Peter! This whole program has been awesome!!