What Is The 6WeekSixPack Challenge Custom Pack?

The brand new 6WeekSixPack Custom is your very own 6WeekSixPack Challenge that has been customized to your own exact diet, exercise and support needs so that you can get the best possible results during the 6 weeks.

This packaged will be offered 4 times a year to only 25 people. This is about working with 25 people who are ready to take their bodies to the next level. Who are ready to learn and take action and who are sick and tired of the ONE FITS ALL programs that simply don't get them the results they are looking for.

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Who Is The 6WeekSixPack Challenge Custom Pack For?

The 6WeekSixPack Custom Pack is for anyone who wants a program that was 100% designed to help them reach their own goals.

It takes out all the guess work so that you can simply focus on following a program and getting results.

As with all our Challenges, Your own custom program will be designed around home workouts using as little or as much equipment as you want to use. This is your program after all so you get to decide.

Your program is also focused on helping you get ripped and losing fat fast.

And finally we will put in place a support system that will make sure you stay motivated and develop willpower like never before!

How Does It Work?

The first thing to remember is that this about YOU.

  • So as with any coaching program I create it starts with you telling me about your own lifestyle, food likes and dislikes, exercise history, goals etc
  • Once I have this information in front of me I go to work and customize the 6WeekSixPack Challenge to your exact own needs. In fact, if need be I write you a complete 6 week program from scratch if the current program does not fit any of your needs.
  • You will get your own customized eating plan, workout program and support system.
  • Then it's over to you to take action and start getting results.
  • Every week you will be expected to check in  and if we need to make any changes to your program we do just that to make sure you do not waste any time on something that does not work.
  • After the 6 weeks we will once again look at your results and decide on the next step to take so that you are not left hanging without any goal to work towards after the 6 weeks.

Who Will Create Your Customized Program?

Your Custom program will be created by Peter Carvell. Peter is one of the top Fat Loss & Home Fitness Experts in the world today writing for many top magazines on the topics of home fitness and diet.

Peter is also the creator of the No:1 selling home fat loss program, the 6WeekSixPack Challenge, that has been used by over 250 000 people worldwide.

He is also the owner of one of the fastest growing home fitness sites on the internet today, On top of that he has over 400 000 Youtube Subscribers and 100 000 Facebook Fans.

But Peter wasn’t always the GO TO GUY when it came to fat loss. In fact just a few years ago he was clinically obese and a 100lbs over weight.  In less than 6 months he lost all the fat and got into the best shape of his life!

When creating custom programs Peter uses this combination personal and professional experience to build a program that will help you get the results you have been looking for for years.