Welcome to the 6WeekSixPack Challenge. Start by watching the video above and then finding all the links below.


1. Sign Up To The Daily Mentoring E-mails

The very first thing you need to do if you want to get daily mentoring e-mails is to sign up for them on the right of this page where you see the optin box with DAILY MENTORING e-MAILS as a heading.

2. Final Checklist and Quick Start Guide

Going through the Final Checklist will ensure that you are 100% ready to begin and have everything in place before you get started. The Kick Start guide is designed to have you taking just a few steps immediately, which will help you get excited to kick-start the program.

3. Diet Section

Move on from there into the diet section, where you will learn how to create your very own nutrition plan. You’ll first find information on the latest developments in nutritional science and then discover how to use this information to formulate a realistic plan you can follow.

4. Motivation & Support

Once your diet is in line, move to the ultra-important Motivation & Support section. This section is undoubtedly the section most left out of many fat loss plans, so pay special attention to it. You can have the best program laid out for you, but if you don’t show up and do it, you won’t see results. Period.

Learn how to motivate yourself first before even looking at the workouts called for in this program.

5. Daily Program & Workouts

From there, you’ll want to read over the daily program section where you’ll find your day to day workout and diet schedule. This lays everything out in an easy-to-follow format for a six-week period.

Then you want to have a look at your workouts. Don’t feel like you need to read through all the workouts right away (unless you want to!) as you can simply refer to them as you move through the daily program, indicating which workouts need to be done. But you might want to have a look at your very first workout you will do on Day 1, the HIIT + ABS WORKOUT.

Keep following the Daily Program for the next six weeks, adjusting the program as indicated while moving through it and you’ll find yourself having the most successful and results driven period of your life.

6. Print Out The 6WeekSixPack Calendar

Finally you can print out the 6WeekSixPack Calendar  and use it to see what is coming and how to plan your next 6 weeks. It is also great to use as motivation if you cross out each day as you complete it to see how you are progressing.