Workout Structure

For the HIIT cardio workout you can pick any type pf cardio exercise. In the video above I show a few body weight cardio exercise examples but you can if you like use something like a treadmill or spinning bike for example. You will then use this exercise and perform the following routine.

  • You will warm-up for 3mins
  • You will then start on a low intensity ( Active Recovery ) level for 30seconds
  • After that you will perform the exercise at a medium intensity for 30 seconds
  • And finally at high intensity for 30seconds
  • You will continue doing this until you reach 21 minutes.
  • You will then cool down for 2 to 3 minutes to complete your workout


  • Warm-Up x 3mins
  • Low Intensity x 30 sec
  • Medium Intensity x 30sec
  • High Intensity x 30sec

Repeat 12 times

  • Cool Down x 2-3 mins