6WeekSixPack Success Stories

44yr old Dad of Two Gets Ripped and Build Muscle in Just 6 Weeks!


Name : Ed

Country : Michigan USA

Age : 44

Weight Lost : 16lbs


What made you take part in the 6WeekSixPack Challenge?

I have not done any exercise for a number of years and spent most evenings having a few beers in front of the TV. I started a new job in the States and went out on my own for 6 months before my family joined me. On my own I was bored, missed my wife and kids and put on a few more pounds! I told my wife on the phone I was bored in the evenings, so she challenged me to join a gym and get a 6 pack for her!  I decided to rise to the challenge and found Sixpackfactory.com. I was determined to surprise her when she joined me in the States and that’s exactly what happened when she arrived with my kids a week after the challenge finished, she found a new leaner fitter man waiting for her and my kinds thought I was an Action Hero :).

What was the hardest part of the challenge for you?

The first week! After being tortured by lunge jumps and other tough exercises, I discovered muscles I never had and could hardly move from aches and pains! After I got through the pain barrier of the first week, I knew I would make it!

What was your eating like?

I actually really enjoyed the diet and stuck to it pretty closely. Cooking for myself made it relatively easy. I loved the ultimate breakfast and eat it every day, even now months  after the challenge. Peter’s Avocado and tuna mix was a favourite filling for my wraps or sweet potato!  Cutting out the alcohol during the week was easier than I thought, but harder to abstain at the weekend on a night out! I never used to eat much fruit, now I can’t get enough!

How did you stay motivated throughout the 6 weeks?

Seeing the pounds drop off at first was a great motivator, then once my body started taking shape and the muscle started to build, it motivated me even more. When the abs finally started showing, I tried even harder and stepped it up.

What advice would give anyone else who want to achieve the same results you did?

  1. Commit yourself 100% to the diet and exercise.  It’s only 6 weeks of your life and it will completely transform the way you look and feel.
  2. Try to do more than the prescribed workout. Use a heart monitor with calorie counter during your workouts. Once you finished the 6 pack workout, give yourself an additional target of say 150-200 calories or more to burn and keep working out until you hit the new target. Do a bit extra on your rest day too!
  3. Try to do a short run in the morning ( Like Peter suggested, I did a slow cardio type jog ), I started this in week 3 and it accelerated my weight loss after I hit a plateau.
  4. Drink lots of water.  I work in an office, so I would keep a 2 litre bottle on my desk and aim to finish it during the day.
  5. Aim for quality of each exercise, especially for abs. Before you start new exercises, do each exercise slowly and work out how to maximise the effort on your abs and other muscles before you start. This will give you much better results.
  6.  Use weights that will push you to your limit to finish the exercise. As soon as it gets easier, trade up to a heavier weight. Try a heavier dumbbell instead of a medicine ball when doing the MB ab exercises.
  7.  Don’t make excuses and find reasons not to, as you are only cheating yourself. I am 44 and lost 16lbs (and another 5lbs since), if I can do it, you can do it!
  8. Buy Peter’s Products! Lol I know that might sound like a bit of advertisement and maybe it is just because Peter has the same kind of no nonsense approach I have, but I really loved his products and I think I bought all of them. The info was not just easy to understand but effective but I think the most valuable for me was the support I got from Peter. I bugged him almost every day but he was there and made sure I stayed on course!

Which of the workouts were you favourite?

I really enjoyed the week 2 weight training (the 10x10x10) exercises. It was tough but you could really feel your  muscles working and you could really see the progress during the week. On day 1 I could only do 50 press ups before I went on my knees, by the end of the week I could do all 100! And I love all 3, gorilla swing exercises!

What is your favourite ab exercise?

I really enjoyed week 3 medicine ball exercises. You really felt your abs growing after that! In particular, the MB jack knives were a favourite. They are hard but you really feel your abs burn and there is a great sense of satisfaction when you finish them! I still do the week 3 exercises now, but have traded up to a 15lb dumbbell to make it harder!

Any Final Words of 6 pack abs wisdom?

The only person standing in the way of you having a great body and 6 pack abs is you. Stay focused, determined and don’t give up, and you WILL succeed!


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