• Do the Muscle Building Workout in the video above.


  • Continue to follow the eating plan we spoke about a few days ago.
  • Eliminate as much Sugar, Salt & White Flour Foods as possible from your diet.
  • Drink healthy fluids.
  • Drink a DR.Juice if you can.
  • Watch the video above for some recommendations on Supplements. 


  • Set an open ended goal.


My name is Debra. I am 31 years old and a mother to 3 (14, 9 and 7). In January I had decided to take the 6 pack challenge from 6weeksixpack.com again as I did it the previous year and was very happy by the results I got.

I knew that I could do even better this time round if I tried harder in my diet. The 1st time around I did not listen to Peter about having a re-feed day and because of it I sabotaged myself at the end of the challenge when I finally had a taste of sweets which I knew I could have avoided if I just followed the program step by step.

The thing that is different about this program is that you have constant support and no question is ever too stupid. Peter always responded in a timely matter to all my questions and even after the challenge was over, he took the time to email me and kept encouraging me to continue. I do have to say though although I love my job as I am a fitness instructor and clearly know what needs to be done, I highly enjoyed receiving my daily emails and coaching video as it kept me on task.

Even trainers need trainers sometimes! When I started the challenge I averaged around 125 lbs and now I am hover around 114lb. I feel much more confident and have way more energy as I am fueling my body properly now and it feels amazing.

One of my biggest tips is “eat to live, not live to eat” as I was the girl with portion control problems and although people would say I was not fat … they were right I was not fat but I did have fat and I knew I wanted to be rid of it. I found that weekly progress photos were a huge help and even if I didn’t feel different, the pictures were very powerful and I saw the difference every single week.

I am by far in the best shape of my life ever and I do not want to go back. Some days I would be so exhausted and that brings me to tip #2 “do not quit when you are tired, quit when you are done” and keep reminders around of what you want to look like and achieve, even an old pic of where you don’t want ever go back again works wonders, well it did for me anyway J.

I am hooked on this program and plan to stick with it forever!

Thanks so much Peter (You are awesome)