• Do the Cardio & Abs workout as shown in the video above.


  • Continue to put in place and follow the eating plan we spoke about yesterday.
  • Eliminate as much Sugar, Salt and White flour foods as possible.
  • Watch the video on why I eat these 5 meals 90% of the time.


  • Make sure you put your focus on the process of getting in shape as much as on your main goal.


Tyler lost 24 pounds in just 6 weeks and was our very first 6weeksixpack best body transformation winner.

Below he shares some of his personal success tips.


Tyler’s top 10 tips

  • STAY FOCUSED! When you start the program make sure you're mind is clear of all distractions and you know exactly what it is you want to do. AND STICK TO IT.
  • Always set little goals along the way aside from your big goal. This keeps you motivated and helps a lot. It can be something as little as getting one more rep in each exercise or trying a new type of ab workout.
  • Stick to your nutrition plan. Eating is essential if you want to lose fat and become healthy. It may not be easy at first, But you get used to it and it actually becomes fun. This sounds weird but you'll get what I mean when you get there ;).
  • Be active outside of your everyday workout. One thing that really pushed me to the next level was rollerblading to and from work every day! Little changes like this make a huge difference. I joined a ball hockey league for the summer too which really worked my cardio! Even things like going for a night walk or doing a few push-ups in between commercial breaks while watching T.V. these little extras absolutely made a difference in my transformation.
  • Tell people what you're doing. Be proud of what you're about to achieve. It will make it more fun and attainable to reach your goals.
  • Don't give up. It could be discouraging if you're not seeing rapid results right away. But stick to it... they will come! and it is worth it.
  • Proper form. When doing any exercise it is better to do it right with less weight then to look sloppy. And remember, there is no rush. Do it right, it will benefit you 1000 times more.
  • Try to work out at the same time every day. It's not always possible but it is the best way for your body to recover between workouts.
  • Workout with a friend. This usually gets people to work harder because they feed off each other and can push that extra little bit out of you.
  • And of course have fun, and no doubt you will. Its hard work but nobody said you can't have fun at the same time. Enjoy!