• Start to eliminate┬áexcessive┬áamounts of┬áSALT from your diet.Most Commonly Found In:
    • Pizza
    • Canned foods
    • Fast foods
    • Deli meats/processed meats
    • Yeast breads
    • Pickles
    • Tomato based products
  • Start drinking healthy fluids like water, 1-3 cups of coffee and tea instead of unhealthy┬ásugary drinks.
  • Make your first DR: Juice. See video below.


Set ACTION GOALS or simply make it your goal to hit all the action steps each day during this 7 day program.



Hi Peter!

I would like to thank you for your help, support and advice the last seven days.

Let me tell you that I was initially skeptical because I thought the 7 Day program is for beginners or for people with a sedentary lifestyle, I didn't think it would work on me, but I am very impressed by the results after only one week.

I was already in shape but I wanted to take my body slightly further. I am a mountaineer and an ultra-marathon runner, I train like 3 hours every day. My initial weight was 119lb, I was really worried about losing muscle mass or compromised my athletic performance (I have a 40 mile race in two months)  but I only dropped fat, and that is what I actually wanted. My actual weight is 110lb, I lost 2 inches off my waist and I look better than ever and I feel great.

I did what you said and I realized that the diet is very important to get results and before I enter to your program I was not putting too much effort on my diet.

I am vegan (strict vegetarian) and I don't eat sugar or junk food but once I got rid of bread, pasta, white rice and focused on whole grains and eating less fruit (I was eating tons of fruit) and a lot of vegetables, I was amazed at how rapidly my body changed. Also I added protein shakes to my diet because, as I told you before, didn't want to lose muscle so I think it helped me too.

I really want to be part of your 6 weeks 6 pack challenge, now my ultimate goal is to get rid of the last pounds of body fat to be able to see, for the first time in my life, my abs ripped.

Thank you again for everything.


Ps: Your juice is absolutely delicious. The beetroot increase blood flow, improve performance and researchers have found that it potentially ease the workload of the heart. I used to drink a beetroot only before a race but now that is part of my diet I feel great during my training sessions.