One big mistake you want to avoid in your journey is turning to supplements too early in the game.  Spend the first few weeks on the program perfecting your diet plan first.  This will be key to success. Supplements should only supplement your already sound diet, as their name suggests. They are never designed to replace proper nutrition.

Only once your diet is set up properly should you consider supplements if you feel something is missing. Let me share with you a few of my top recommended supplements for those who feel they do want to take them.


One supplement I typically recommend all my clients purchase is a high quality protein powder. It’s a fast and easy way to ensure your protein needs get met and is quick, convenient, and can be used mixed in with many foods you are already eating.

You can look at either getting a WHEY Protein powder or a Plant Based Protein powder.

The most popular whey protein powders are Concentrate and Isolate. Although Isolate has always been believed to naturally be the better option due to the fact that it has a high level of protein per gram of powder the fact is that new processing methods has made both form of whey protein good options depending on your goals and on the quality of product.

For example, a low quality isolate can be inferior to a high quality isolate.

When it comes to plant based protein powder you can look at anything from rice protein, pea protein and even hemp seed protein.

I am currently using a a vegetarian protein powder with a mix of rice, hemp seed and pea protein. 

So if you feel you need some extra protein in your diet then simply go with what works for you and buy the highest quality you can afford.




It can be a challenge to get all your vitamin and mineral needs met when you are on a calorie restricted diet.  Especially if you struggle to eat enough vegetables no matter how hard you try, you might consider turning to a multi-vitamin.

This can provide back-up support to protect against nutritional deficiencies.


Greens Supplement 

If you are struggling to get in an adequate intake of vegetables each day, a greens product might be something to consider as well. This will help you get in those important antioxidants, making sure that you are operating at your very best.

Keep in mind that taking a greens supplement does not mean you shouldn’t try and consume vegetables however. Still focus on adding them into your diet plan.

Additionally, I’d strongly recommend you try and make the Dr. Juice Green Juice (found in the recipe section) before you buy a supplement.  Remember, FRESH is always best.


I also typically recommend that you consider purchasing a good quality essential oil product to help get your daily intake of omega fatty acids in. This could be Fish oil, Krill oil or if you are a vegetarian you also get Algae derived oil supplements.

If you don’t eat salmon or other fatty fish varieties often, consider it a must.


If you plan on exercising first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, then I would also recommend considering a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) product. These particular amino acids will provide fuel for your working muscle tissues and can help protect against lean muscle mass loss.


One often overlooked supplement I believe can help your journey is a probiotic. This will help keep your gut healthy, ensuring you have plenty of good bacteria in your system. This will keep your immune system strong while also helping ensure that you don’t suffer from problems such as gas and bloating after your meals.