The next step to mastering your diet is figuring out meal frequency, which refers to how many and how often you are eating your meals throughout the day.

Why does this matter?  While research has busted the myth that eating more frequently boosts your metabolism to help you burn fat faster, one thing that we do know is that eating more frequently does tend to help control hunger and blood glucose levels. If you’re someone who struggles with hunger throughout the day, a more frequent set-up is likely ideal for you.

On the other hand, other people find that they prefer eating less often throughout the day, which is fine too. It’s all about doing what works best for you. If you enjoy the plan, you’re more likely to stick with it and that is the real secret to success.

For this plan, we are designing the program to have four meals per day. I find this works very well as its frequent enough to control hunger, but not so frequent that you feel like you’re cooking all day long.

Four meals also works well in terms of managing the amount of food you are to consume each day.

If you do want to eat more or fewer meals, you’ll need to divide the amount of food with these four meals up into the number of meals you will be eating.  So if you were eating six meals a day, your meal size would decrease, while if you were going to eat three meals per day, your meal size would increase.

This ensures you are still taking in the optimal amount of food overall for fat burning.