• 3 x LOW CARB MEALS
  • FOOD Eliminations

    • SUGAR
    • SODIUM

    • Drink 4 to 6 Glasses of Water
    • Drink a Dr. Juice Juice


How To Fix A Broken Metabolism

  • If you cut your calories to drastic when following a low calorie or calorie deficit meal plan for weeks on end without doing weekly re-feeds you can potentially cause havoc and slow your metabolism down to a screeching hold due to something known as homeostasis.

    This is simply your body becoming more efficient as it needs to continue living but with fewer calories so it starts to slow down your metabolism.

    Now I can talk about this for hours and yes the above is a simplified version but what you need to know is that you need to be careful and put system ins place to counter the potential negative side effective of low calorie, low carb meal plans so that you can continue losing fat.

    This can further be made worse by increasing that calorie deficit you find yourself in by doing workouts and exercise.

    Now on this system you should be fine as we have in place things like re-feed days and also replacing carbs with healthy fats and veggies. However if you still find yourself in a large calorie deficit for too long you will need to be aware of it and if your fat loss starts to slow down even though you are continue to cut your calories and working out like crazy it is time to step to back and kick start your metabolism again through something I call reverse dieting or a metabolism kick start program.

    The main issue I see here is simply that your calories are too low and you are not eating enough healthy fats and we might need to spend a week or two to just get that back on track because what happens is that your body adapts your metabolism ( Homeostasis ) to your calorie intake and your base metabolic rate will start to slow down. Low carbs can also have a part in this but normally we counter this by having that high carb and high calorie re-feed day on day 6.

    Normally if I do a metabolism kick start I would do a 21 day program where you start to add 200 to 300 calories each day until you get to your TDEE ( Total Daily Energy Expenditure ) and then we will start bringing it back down to 200 to 300 calories into a deficit again once you want to start losing fat again.

    You know your metabolism is rocking if you can eat your TDEE and you do not lose or pick up weight.

    I would also cut the exercises a bit and basically let them work out just 4 workouts per week. 2 x GVT, 1 x HIWT, 1 x HIIT.

    But you could also try something a little less drastic to see if it fix the issue by simply adding an extra high carb meal to each day. You can either have 4 meals with two high carbs or even 5 meals with two high carbs. Do that for a week and then get back onto the normal eating plan.

    The Workout Schedule will be as follows:

    Monday : GVT

    Tuesday : HIIT + ABS

    Wednesday : Rest

    Thursday : HIWT

    Friday: GVT

    Saturday : Rest

    Sunday : Rest


    Remember, most people won’t have this issue but it is something you need to be aware off just in case you ever find yourself in this position sometime in the future.