• 3 x LOW CARB MEALS
  • FOOD Eliminations

    • SUGAR
    • SODIUM

    • Drink 4 to 6 Glasses of Water
    • Drink a Dr. Juice Juice



  • This is probably the simplest and easiest principal that you can follow that will set you up for success.

    Now this might have happened to you before, because I know it has happened to me on many occasions, before I started to incorporate this principal into my life.

    You plan to eat right TOMORROW. You wake up late and are instantly on the back foot. The children are asking for a million and one things. You have to get them and yourself ready. You wanted to make a good healthy breakfast but all there is time for is some cereal. You rush out of the house without some food for yourself for the rest of the day. So when lunchtime arrives you are starving and all that's around is a sandwich vending machine. Just your luck, the only sandwiches left are chicken and mayo on white bread, so you take it. Later, that same afternoon you find yourself hungry again, and you are tired, so you just drink a cup of coffee hoping it will keep you awake until you get home. You get home and everyone wants food again. You are so tired you can’t stand on your own two feet, so you suggest ordering a pizza.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

    Now, if you had made your food the previous evening and had a packed lunch all ready to go with some fruit and snacks, your day may have turned out much differently.

    This is obviously just one scenario, but what I want to get through to you is that if you are PREPARED you will have half the battle won. Things will go wrong, it is just part of life, but it doesn’t have to derail you, if you have your diet planned and prepared beforehand. This goes for everything from having food prepared and ready to eat, to not having unhealthy snacks available in the house to having your workout gear ready in the morning to go train.

    As they say, preparing to become successful is the hardest part, but once you are ready, reaching your goals is going to be a lot easier.

    Remember, it’s going to be tough the first few weeks of starting any new program. Some things will be new to you, but you will have to force yourself to do them even when you don’t feel like it. You’ve got to push past the barriers and keep thinking of the change you are about to make and the great new body and life you will soon have!