In The Article Below I Share 3 Reasons Why I Believe That You CAN Still Get In Shape For Summer.

Can you get a 6 pack by this summer, even if you don’t have the ‘beginnings’ of one already? Sure.

It’s not the easiest thing in the world — getting ripped is never a cakewalk — but blasting yourself into great shape come mid to end-July is completely do-able if you have around 10 pounds to lose and do it smart and with unflagging motivation.

Here are my 3 reasons why I believe you can still get ripped for summer.

It’s Only June, Not July

Depending on where you live, your summer season might not really start until late July. It’s only June at the time we’re publishing this article. If you really push it, there’s no reason you can’t be where you want to be or at very least in a lot better shape then you are right now when the peak of summer arrives.

Getting Ripped in a Short Amount of Time IS Possible

It’s not easy, but it’s completely possible. Look — I’m not saying you can lose 100lbs in two months. No one on this entire planet will tell you that’s safe or desirable in any way. It’s nothing but dangerous.

But let’s say you’ve got 10-15 extra pounds, you’ve been working out — but not at an ultra-high intensity level — and you want to get a 6-pack (or at least a working facsimile of one) by this summer, it’s possible.

I know because I have seen it happen year after year for over 6 weeks with our yearly summer challenge.

BUT you’ve got to quadruple your efforts. You’ve got to be deadly serious about what you eat, and about notover-exercising and injuring yourself. You’ve got to make every workout the best workout of your life, so that you don’t waste even one second between now and the summer.

There’s No Motivation Like the Beach

Well, sure, there are plenty of motivating factors out there — you want to pick up women, you want to perform better in bed, you want to have a fundamental level of strength as you go through life — but even for those of us with absolutely no ego whatsoever, there’s still nothing like arriving at the beach in the summer and standing tall with the best of them.

Girls love it. You’ll feel stronger than anything. And it’s totally possible by this summer.

How Do I Get Started?

What is more important about how you get started is that YOU GET STARTED before you do in fact run out of time.

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